FOSTER. The Soil and Water Residency
A MAK exhibition

Key Visual for FOSTER © Process – Studio for Art and Design

A MAK exhibition

The exhibition FOSTER presents newly developed works by artists who participated in the project Foster – The Soil and Water Residency, initiated by Angelika Loderer in 2020. She invited eleven artists to use the space loaned to them as a field for experimenting with the simple andelemental—to support themselves and to conduct research for their own artistic work.
FOSTER (with its connotations of caring for someone not linked by blood or legal obligation) is about engaging with the process of growth and nurture on the interface between independence and precariousness. “The garden is the smallest plot of land in the world and at the same time the totality of the world,” writes Michel Foucault in Of Other Spaces (1967), talking about what he called heterotopias—whereby the garden represents a “real utopia,” a fragile ecology that could flip at any moment, a “paradisiac” state that must be resolutely fought for and constantly cared for.
The exhibition is based on the research and experiences of the artists participating in the Soil and Water Residency project and presents new works developed from their artistic praxis.
Artists: Dejan Dukic, Luna Ghisetti, Sophie Hirsch, Minna Liebhart, Angelika Loderer, Irina Lotarevich, Roman Pfeffer, Lucia Elena Průša, Aline Sofie Rainer, Hans Schabus, Myles Starr, Edin Zenun
Concept: Angelika Loderer, Marlies Wirth
Curator: Marlies Wirth


MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna


28.05. – 03.10.



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