The Dissident Goddesses’ Land

Jurt of the Dissident Godesses, 2021 © Elisabeth Samsonow

In summer 2020, a group of artists and culture workers founded the four-hectare “Land of the Goddesses” in the Pulkau Valley (Lower Austria). This is biodiverse land covered with vineyards, forests, overgrown scrubland, wasteland, and fallow. The land will be used for THE DISSIDENT GODDESSES’ NETWORK—a research project at the Academy of Fine Arts—as a laboratory for an investigation in the sense of contemporary Eco Art and deep ecology practice. A Mongolian yurt on a Palaeolithic site near Alberndorf serves as an in-situ parliament for encounters, projects, storytelling, and community teaching. The aim is to facilitate measures against climate change: targeted planting, water detection, improvement of humus.

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28.05. – 03.10.



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