INES DOUJAK: Landscape Painting
An exhibition by the KUNST HAUS WIEN

Ines Doujak, aus der Serie landraub, 2019 © Ines Doujak

An exhibition by the KUNST HAUS WIEN

For her exhibition project Landscape Painting, the artist Ines Doujak is working with natural materials collected and archived from Vienna and Lower Austria: dried plants, mushrooms, seeds, pulverized flowers, leaves, berries, wood, ash, clay, stones, and sand. She has developed her installation using a process-oriented approach with the help of this natural archive, which she uses—akin to an artist’s palette—as the medium for her art. In her central work landraub [Land Grab], Doujak addresses a highly topical political subject. Panels hanging on trees in public spaces document historical representations of apple varieties alongside quotations from so-called “land-grabbers,” in other words commenting on land-grabbing over the last 400 years. These quotes make clear that the unscrupulous expropriation and expulsion by corporations, states, and investors of rural populations worldwide is a highly topical phenomenon. Another dimension of land grabs referenced in the work is the destruction of global biodiversity through the rise of monocultures.

Since 2014 KUNST HAUS WIEN has built upon Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s forward-looking ideas by curating an exhibition space for artists who engage in critical and visionary reflections on ecology and the environment. In 2018 KUNST HAUS WIEN became the first museum to be awarded the Austrian Ecolabel.

Curator: Verena Kaspar-Eisert
KUNST HAUS and courtyard, Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030 Vienna


28.05. – 03.10.



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