Collective Action Viewer
Interactive and participatory media sculpture at Karlsplatz

Collective Action Viewer 01 © University of Applied Arts Vienna

Verena Tscherner & Joerg Auzinger

Most people are relatively unaware of the consequences of global climate change, because it will take some time before their daily lives will be directly affected. For this reason, the artists will present their work Collective Action Viewer to render visible and help us understand the impact of climate change.

Looking through the telescope, the spectator will be witness to a virtual flood scenario. However, the Collective Action Viewer will play this sequence in reverse. At first, the digitally augmented image of the actual environment will give the impression of a flooded Karlsplatz. The spectator will observe heavy rainfall and a gathering storm, with the location about to be submerged. The video will then show the falling water levels and reveal the actual environment. A happy end. Spectators will thus be able to experience that responding with care and attention can give a sense of agency.

The media sculpture on Karlsplatz will be open to the public and accessible for the entire duration of the 2021 Vienna Biennale for Change. In terms of a less invasive and minimalist art practice, the installation of the media sculpture will represent the only visible artistic intervention at the location.

Joerg Auzinger is an alumni and Verena Tscherner a current student at the University of Applied Arts


27.05. – 03.10.



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