SUBOTRON pro games: Games for Climate Care
Presentations and Panel

Alba Art for Alba - A Wildlife Adventure © ustwo games 2021

In times of upheaval and reorientation, the medium games is becoming more and more important in conveying content beyond pure entertainment. In recent years, the term “serious games” has been increasingly rejected by game developers and academics due to its misinterpretation as “not entertaining” and “only for learning purposes” and its often poor execution. “Impact games” is beginning to establish itself as a term for digital games that influence attitudes and behavior, promote empathy, and contribute to solutions to social, economic, educational, scientific, and cultural challenges. In this segment, tasks in areas such as health, education, and ecology are increasingly becoming part of narrative content and gameplay.
For the VIENNA BIENNALE exhibition CLIMATE CARE: Reimagining Shared Planetary Futures at the MAK running until 3 October 2021, SUBOTRON curated five games from all over the world which interactively visualize issues around climate care topics to the visitors and inspire them to take joint action.
Presentations and Panel
Representatives of all games gather for presentations of their work and takes on impact games and climate care. The ensuing panel discusses their approaches and solutions on how to help saving the planet via interactive experiences with the audience. The international participants will be streamed, the locals are on site.
David Fernández Huerta (Creative Director, ustwo games, London)
Alan Gershenfeld (President, E-Line Media, Phoenix, AZ)
Javier Ramello (CEO, Herobeat Studios, Barcelona)
Gerald Reitschmied (Co-Founder/CEO, anti entropy, Vienna)
Felix Bohatsch (CEO, Broken Rules, Vienna)

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Admission free
Admission only if fully vaccinated against, recently tested for, or cured of Covid 19
A FFP2 mask must be worn during the entire visit to the museum
Entrance: Weiskirchnerstraße 3 (opposite the Stadtpark [City Park])


FRI, 24.09. / 18:00



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