An exhibition by students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Class of Elisabeth von Samsonow, co-curated by Kate Strain

David Sanderson, Land of the Goddess © David Sanderson

This exhibition starts with the simple theory that art specializes in perception. So what form of perception is needed to respond appropriately to the ecological and climate crisis? How can art capture, represent, and project the intertwining of subject and milieu? What forms of mapping can art develop when it comes to sketching out a new concept of “environment”? In this exhibition, several groups of students from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna focus on different levels and dimensions of the perception of environments and present their results and proposals. The show highlights both very empathetic and molecular mappings, reactions, and translations of internal and external environments.

21.6. –17.7.2021
Smolka Contemporary
Lobkowitzplatz 3/Spiegelgasse 25
1010 Vienna


21.06. – 17.07.



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