Book Presentation "Ecologies&Politics of the Living" / Panel Discussion
Mi, 18 Aug 2021, 19:00 CET / 17:00 Ghana

AIL-Publication: Ecologies & Politics of the Living, Design: Marie Artaker © Marie Artaker

How to build new relations and synergies between human and non-human matter despite the human manipulations and contaminations of the capitalist system on this planet?
Panel discussion and presentation of the AIL-Publication "Ecologies & Politics of the Living" at the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art Tamale in Ghana, which was founded by the co-curator of the exhibition,  Ibrahim Mahama. The catalog is published on the occasion of the AIL-Exhibition Ecologies and Politics of the Living.

Panel Discussion with:

Baerbel Mueller / Co-Curator, Architect
Billie McTernan / Writer, Editor
Elisabeth Falkensteiner / Co-Curator
Eric Gyamfi / Artist
Ibrahim Mahama / Artist, Co-Curator
Uriel Orlow / Artist

The publication contains text contributions by the artists Eric Gyamfi, Mae-ling Lokko, Ibrahim Mahama, Uriel Orlow, New-Territories (s/he_f.Roche), Tracy Naa Koshie Thompson and by Gerald Bast, Robin Riskin, Billie MyTernan, Selassie Atadike, Bernard Akoi-Jackson, Niyi Osundare.
Edited by Gerald Bast, Elisabeth Falkensteiner, Ibrahim Mahama, Baerbel Mueller
Designed by Marie Artaker

Published by the Angewandte Innovation Lab and the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the context of the Vienna Biennale for Change 2021. Free copies are available in the exhibition.


WED, 18.08. / 19:00

SSCA Ghana


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