SPACE AND EXPERIENCE: Architecture for Better Living
An exhibition of the MAK in cooperation with Wienerberger#spaceandexperience

ecoLogicStudio (Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto), HORTUS inside HUT, 2017

Architecture provides structure and form, creates spaces, and directly influences various areas of human existence as designed environment. It impacts on emotions, perceptions, as well as behavior and enables collective and individual experiences. If however, as is the case nowadays, values are undergoing fundamental changes, this in turn will have an influence on notions of quality of life and challenges architecture will be confronted with in the future.

The exhibition illustrates the added value architecture can already today create for a better living. At the same time, the exhibition dares a glance into the future in order to formulate hypotheses on possible scenarios and design tasks for shaping the future.

In the run-up to the exhibition, on 21 March 2019 an international symposium will take place in the MAK Lecture Hall, which will give first insights into the thematic orientation of the exhibition. More information and registration here.

Nicole Stoecklmayr, Scenes of Architecture


Main sponsor


29.05. – 06.10.



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