An exhibition of the Kunsthalle Wien

Two women operating the ENIAC's main control panel while the machine was still located at the Moore School. Left: Betty Jennings (Mrs. Bartik), right: Frances Bilas (Mrs. Spence), unknown date

In any society, one fundamental way in which gender is expressed is through technology. Technical skills and domains of expertise are divided between and within the sexes, shaping masculinities and femininities.

In the contemporary world of Western nations technology is firmly coded male. Women may have to use machines, in the workplace or at home, but they are deemed to neither love nor seek to understand them: they are considered passive beneficiaries of the inventive flame.
The exhibition analyzes the material worlds we are creating through technology and technology’s role in shaping local and global configurations of power, forms of identity, and ways of living, drawing on radical feminist and ecofeminist theories from the 1970s until now, which constantly criticized the inherently patriarchal nature of technology, of new technology and of techno-science more generally.


Vanessa Joan Müller, Head of Dramaturgy Kunsthalle Wien
Anne Faucheret, Curator Kunsthalle Wien





29.05. – 06.10.

Kunsthalle Wien


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