UNCANNY VALUES. Künstliche Intelligenz & Du

MAK / Exhibitions

UNCANNY VALUES: Artificial Intelligence & You

An exhibition of the MAK

Regarding our society, politics, economy, ecology, in short our civilization, we have to develop new values together with our machines.

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© MAK/Georg Mayer

MAK / Exhibitions


Reinstallation in context of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019

The MAK DESIGN LAB will be reinstalled for the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019 and will put objects from the collection into the context of new, heterogenic perspectives.

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Two women operating the ENIAC's main control panel while the machine was still located at the Moore School. Left: Betty Jennings (Mrs. Bartik), right: Frances Bilas (Mrs. Spence), unknown date

Kunsthalle Wien / Exhibitions


An exhibition of the Kunsthalle Wien

In any society, one fundamental way in which gender is expressed is through technology.

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© Elisa Unger

AIL / Exhibitions


An exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna in collaboration with: Time’s Up, Linz

In times of fundamental change, this mixture of installation and generated process aims at evoking desire for a certain kind of future.

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ecoLogicStudio (Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto), HORTUS inside BIO.tech HUT, 2017

MAK / Exhibitions

SPACE AND EXPERIENCE: Architecture for Better Living

An exhibition of the MAK in cooperation with Wienerberger#spaceandexperience

Architecture provides structure and form, creates spaces, and directly influences various areas of human existence as designed environment.

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/ Exhibitions

FUTURE FACTORY: Rethinking Urban Production

A project of the Vienna Business Agency in cooperation with the MAK

As part of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019, the Vienna Business Agency in cooperation with the MAK will focus on "Urban Production."

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© buero bauer

MAK / Exhibitions

CHANGE! From Mass Consumption to a Sustainable Quality Society

A cooperation between the MAK and the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT)

Based on four design projects the exhibition aims at illustrating the transition from mass consumption...

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Az W / Exhibitions

International Symposium

A conference at the Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien

A symposium at the Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien crosses the boundaries between disciplines in two aspects.

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