Demonstrator 3: Designbüro Studio Dankl
Public Design Support Vienna

Kathrina Dankluses the fact that apparently we hardly or never use 80% of our things as thetheme and of fers a ritual for getting rid of our possessions. Residents bringitems and tell the designer the personal story of each object. A clay replicais made together. Thereupon the object is freed up for a new narrative with anew owner. The project is a socially as well as materially transient sculpture,including liquidation at the end of the project: by flooding the clay replicasand giving away the items.

Opening Hours:
Wed, 21. – Sun, 25.6.2017 and Fri, 15. – Sa, 23.9.2017
10 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
Closed on Mondays
Personal design consultation with Kathrina Dankl
Registration—by email ( or on-site
Wed, 21. – Sun, 25.6.2017 and Tue, 19. – Sat, 23.9.2017
4:30–6:30 p.m.
Party of Things
Sun, 24.9.2017, 4:30 p.m.


In context of the exhibition CityFactory: New Work. New Design.

The StadtFabrik [City factory], a research laboratory for new fields within the creative industries, will explore new cultures of production and work in the context of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2017: Robots. Work. Our Future. Six demonstrators within the city and in the sweeping exhibition at the MA K make visions of new fields of work in the digital future tangible from a design perspective: Scenarios of new creative work, new social work, and new sustainable work will be presented by means of the demonstrators and ca. 20 positions by international design studios. The City Factory demonstrators invite active participation. As interventions and concepts for “New Design,” they showcase the unused resources that ar e to be found in the city and future modes of alternative production and consumption.


21.06. – 25.06.

Designbüro Studio Dankl


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