Curator-guided tour CityFactory: New Work. New Design.
with Ulrike Haele and Harlad Gruendl

Exhibition View VIENNA BIENNALE 2017: Robots. Work. Our Future,CityFactory: New Work. New Design. MAK Exhibition Hall © Peter Kainz/MAK

The CityFactory, a research laboratory for new fields within the creative industries, will explore new cultures of production and work in the context of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2017: Robots. Work. Our Future.

With advancing digitalization and the dramatic ecological changes to our planet, we have to rethink work, production, and consumption. Which sustainable and meaningful design fields are opening up? What modes of work are associated with this? Will consumers become producers and designers in the future? Going forward, if significant areas of work are to be covered by robots and artificial intelligence, how can the social safety net be successful? How do we want to redistribute work? How can we leverage the creative principles and strategies of the commons for new alternative economic sectors from a design perspective?

In context of the exhibition CityFactory: New Work. New Design.

Meeting point: MAK Columned Main Hall
Cost: MAK admission ticket + € 3.50


THU, 07.09. / 16:00 – 17:00



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