Prototype of an urban garden pavilion

KEPOS, image by Angelica Lorenzi & Dennis Schiaroli

The MAK FUTURE LAB, in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, invite you to the presentation:

KEPOS – Prototype of an urban garden pavilion
Architecture by Angelica Lorenzi & Dennis Schiaroli,
under the direction of Galo Moncayo & Anna Gulinska

Presentation Dates: 7 – 22 June 2017

Welcome Address
Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, General Director, MAK
Andrea Börner & Bernhard Sommer, University of Applied Arts Vienna

The presentation is of KEPOS (κῆπος: a garden, any place planted with trees and herbs), an urban garden pavilion, prototypical street furniture.

Combining knowledge on smart planning and smart technologies with citizen participation, the KEPOS installation highlights architecture’s integrating and innovative role in implementing sustainable urban developments. Actively engaging citizens, the installation is showcasing the potentials of information and communication technology (ICT) in public spaces for user interaction and participation, thus raising interest in architecture and public space among a broader audience.

Take Part—Take Care!
Connected to the internet, KEPOS engages via social media with the community, transforming its space into an active participant of urban life. Therefore, the pavilion is not only designed to provide a semi-private shelter in the urban context but it also engages by communicating its current status.

Using light KEPOS will show the current status of the plants’ need for water. At the same time when the plants are in need of hydration it will post on social media.

The engagement asked of the participants is to come to visit KEPOS to touch the plant in need of water thus activating its hydration. KEPOS will be monitoring and posting online the air quality, temperature and light conditions inside and outside of itself to inform on the micro-climate being created.

Follow the project on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on the development of KEPOS.

8:30 p.m.
Artist Intervention
Patrick Jaritz and Rüdiger Suppin, Body scanner (interactive installation)


KEPOS is a prototype realized at the Institute of Architecture of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, under the direction of the Departments of Energy Design and Urban Strategies, within the framework of the project Active Public Spaces (APS).

The project was co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. Its realization was made possible by the kind support of BOLLINGER+GROHMANN Ingenieure, SeMF, EXIKON arc&dev, K2 Dach&Bau, Robotic Woodcraft, and Baumit.

For more information on APS and its detailed program visit the project webpage:

MAK Columned Main Hall and Stubenring in front of the MAK main entrance
Admission free



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