Nordbahnhof Lecture: communal spaces – what is frustrating, what works!?

Leitbild Freie Mitte – vielfältiger Rand von STUDIOVLAY, Bernd Vlay und Lina Streeruwitz @STUDIOVLAY

How do we use our communal spaces? How would we like to use them and could this go beyond single buildings? The intention is to integrate the experiences and wishes of the Nordbahnhof residents in the analysis of ideas and concepts for the future use.

Beatrice Stude
Judith Schübl
a co-operation with IG Lebenswerter Nordbahnhof

Meeting point: Nordbahn-Halle next to the Wasserturm, Leystraße. corner of Taborstraße, Nordbahnhof, 1020 Vienna
Admission free

In context of the exhibition Care + Repair. A public workspace by the Architekturzentrum Wien

More information at 


TUE, 27.06. / 19:00

Az W Nordbahn-Halle


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