Opportunities and Limits of Digitalization from a Human Perspective

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The Editor-in-Chief of Die Presse, Rainer Nowak, discusses with Harald Mahrer, Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, and Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, General Director of the MAK, how digitalization can sustainably empower us humans instead of making us obsolete.

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The MAK FUTURE LAB is a creative laboratory founded by the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art. Through workshops, lectures, panel discussions, and other formats the MAK FUTURE LAB generates interdisciplinary contributions to a humane shaping and utilization of Digital Modernity. It positions design, architecture, and fine art as driving forces of socially, ecologically, culturally, and economically sustainable market economy models. Through diverse cooperations, it networks these creative sectors with the fields of science, research, business, and politics. The MAK FUTURE LAB aspires to develop both holistic orientation models and strategies for the commons inspired by such models, as well as concrete, innovative business ideas for the future.


TUE, 13.06. / 19:30



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